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Discover, Plan, Build and Manage

All our projects begin by gathering the information necessary to provide an accurate quote. Our estimators thoroughly review the project drawings, specifications and material requirements to provide our customers a clear and accurate quote.

Once a quote has been accepted, we coordinate with the general contractor or owner to discuss project timelines and all other relevant project details. Material and manpower are organized so that everything will be ready for the project start date.

We work with the project manager to get the job done right. Our qualified crews consist of a foreman, bricklayers and construction labourers. Our foremen use their experience and knowledge to ensure that our work is installed to the highest quality.

We encourage open communication between our foremen, our site superintendant and general contractor to ensure that the project is progressing on schedule and any questions or concerns are quickly addressed.

"Building Science Engineering Ltd. (BSE) considers the work carried out by Scorpio Masonry on the Government House Balcony Repairs Project to have been exemplary... - Rob Pacholock- Building Science Engineering Ltd