Our team is defined by our core values

How things get done around here.

The team at Scorpio Masonry can be defined by their core values – the part of corporate culture that explains “how things get done around here”. Established by Scorpio’s leadership team nearly a decade ago, these values define what’s important to us as an organization. They define the foundation of our company, and are the keys to our success in building both projects and relationships that last a lifetime. 

Act with Integrity

Our culture and our brand are built on our integrity. We must demonstrate safety, quality workmanship, professionalism and a strong work ethic on all of our projects. We must take pride in what we build together. We must follow through on our commitments and go above and beyond what is expected of us. Our focus is on doing the job right the first time, every time.

Commitment to Safety

We’re committed to providing and maintaining a safe work environment for all of our employees. We take safety seriously, and are dedicated to our goal of zero incidents. Being safe means that we look out for each and work as a team to prevent incidents. Everyone should be going home safely, every day.

Be Innovative

To be innovative, we must be industry leaders. We must embrace and drive change, while continually adapting to our environment. Being innovative means thinking outside the box and looking for creative solutions. We must be problem solvers, anticipating and exceeding the demands of our customers. It means always striving to do things better, and to be the best. Being innovative flows from our vision statement: Striving to be the most influential masonry organization.

Be Effective

Being effective means that when there’s something that needs to done, we do it. We take initiative, and can be depended on to do things right. We must be on time, organized, and effectively work within schedules and timelines to meet project demands. Being effective means that we care about the work that we’re doing and take pride in our achievements.

Build a Team Atmosphere

We’re focused on continually building a team that our employees are excited to be a part of. Being an effective teammate means being responsible and accountable to those you work with. It means leading by example and not making excuses. It means helping and teaching each other. It means listening to each other and communicating openly. It means taking the time to celebrate our successes.

Have Some Fun

Our goal is to create a positive work environment that encourages all of our employees to be engaged and involved. An environment where our employees can each contribute in a meaningful way with the work they are doing. An environment with good energy, where we enjoy the company of those we work with and can also have some fun. Working together to create this type of positive work environment allows us all to live the other values, every day.

A team that our employees are excited to be a part of


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