Centennial Plaza

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Project Description

Masonry on the Centennial Plaza Project included the use of Atlantic Grey granite supplied by A. Lacroix Granite and Tyndall Stone supplied by Gillis Quarries. 77,300 square feet of 75mm thick Flamed Finish Granite pavers were installed over a sand setting bed with caulked joints to the fountain areas and polymeric sand joints for the balance of the plaza. The pavers have continuous joints running north and south throughout that had to be kept in near perfect alignment as any deviation would be immediately apparent. In addition to the granite pavers, 500 lineal feet of granite stair treads and 86 granite benches were installed throughout the plaza, some having Canadian geographical zones engraved into the face. The project also features 50mm thick granite clad walls throughout, 2 at the feature stair with the Alberta Coat of Arms Carved out of. Tyndall stone was used for 50mm thick retaining wall cladding with tyndall stone caps and for 65 tyndall stone benches with a scabbled finish to the 4 faces located throughout the plaza.

Project Location