Kelly Ramsey

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Project Description

Enbridge Centre is a mixed-use project that blends historic architecture with modern design aesthetics to create a beautiful and engaging urban building. The project entails a four-storey masonry podium with commercial retail and 21-storey office tower above. Key elements include the historic masonry façade of the building which was restored and recreated, the active retail frontage on the ground floor, and the accessibility of the site. The original Ramsey and Kelly buildings suffered a major fire in 2009, leaving no choice but to rebuild completely. The design of the new Enbridge Centre incorporates the original east and south masonry façades, which were extensively documented through laser-survey and dismantled prior to construction. Damaged pieces of original stone and metal trims were recreated down to the finest detail, and were incorporated into the rebuilt façades. The new Enbridge Centre restores the historic façade to its original state, prior to the fire. The building lobby was finished in a premium grade polished marble for a modern look that compliments the historic facade.

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