Alberta Legislature Stairs

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Project Description

Scorpio Masonry restored both the East and West stairs at the Alberta Legislature. These photos were taken during the restoration of the East stairs, which took place in the summer of 2011.

Prior to the restoration, the treads and landings of the stairs were displaced due to moisture ingression and an improper mortar bed system. The stairs lacked a system that would allow for proper moisture management, so that water that seeped into the stairs had no way to exit.

The design intent was to create air space underneath the granite components for venting and to allow moisture to exit through the designed weep spaces.

The stair components were reinstalled resting on stainless steel anchors and levelled with non-shrink grout and mortar. The existing concrete was repaired and waterproofed with a 2-ply SBS system. With this new moisture management system in place the stair will be protected from the deterioration that was occurring before.

In October 2011 a photographer from the Edmonton Journal captured our employees at work restoring the east staircase. This photo can be found on the Edmonton Journal website.

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