Ritchie Market

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Project Description

The Ritchie Market building is a community hub in one of Edmonton's mature neighborhoods. Conceived as an homage to the neighborhood's industrial past, it houses four diverse local businesses: a craft brewery and restaurant, a coffee roaster and café, a butcher and a bike rental shop. The material palette emphasizes raw, natural materials and includes weathering steel, board formed concrete, corrugated steel and brick. The southwest corner of the building houses the feature brewhouse in a two-story height space enclosed on the south and west with brick and glass exterior walls. These prominent facades face onto the intersection of 76 Avenue and 96 Street. Brick masonry was incorporated as a material element to anchor the building to this key intersection. A thin brick veneer of the Endicott Ironspot Modular Sienna was also used to finish the interior face of the south and west exterior walls in the brewhouse and restaurant for its durability, industrial aesthetic and continuity with the exterior brick finish.

Project Location